Winter Shopping Day(ze)






So for those of you who don’t already know, I do live in Southern Ca (born and raised).  So this is a typical day/outfit for a cold winter day…mind you I was freezing in this.  I had to go Christmas shopping since I hadn’t bought ANYTHING, and of course I got my lovely/amazing boyfriend to accompany me (i apologize if i get annoying about that boy, i can’t help that he’s sooo amazing lol).  My favorite place to shop is South Coast Plaza, not because it has some of the priciest stores ever, but mostly because it’s a one stop shop!  They have a big Forever 21, 2 big H&M’s (one is across the bridge at Crystal Court), Steve Madden, Zara, Teavana, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and get the point.  Anyway, before we headed in to the madness (it’s always super crowded around the holidays), we stopped across the street at a little ‘Euro Caffe’ where I had a vanilla latte and tuna sandwich.  That pretty much sums up my Christmas shopping day where I ended up getting only like 2 things!  Well, here’s to another weekend of shopping!! 😉