Leopard Stroll in Brea



IMG_3199 IMG_3210 IMG_3224

So a few weeks ago I took a stroll in Downtown Brea, but I didn’t get around to posting these pictures (partially because i’m too critical on myself and partially because I completely forgot about them).  Speaking of being too hard on myself, I think I’m going to make that one of my new year’s resolution…I’m going to stop being so critical of myself.  It’s actually really funny because the videos I post that I really do not like (either because I don’t like the way I look or just don’t like something in general) are the videos that everyone seems to love.  It always turns out that way!!  So from now on, I shall post everything I film/photograph and I will not be so critical about everything! Voila, problem solved!  And that concludes this random/pointless post.  Hasta luego!



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